• Olivier Cadieux

    Olivier Cadieux

    Olivier is from Saint-Jêrome. In high school, he was named MVP at Collège Laval, before moving to Montreal to play for the CEGEP de Brébeuf team. His basketball career then...
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  • Jamal Mayali

    Jamal Mayali

    Originally from Toronto, Jamal arrived in Montreal as a student at McGill University, where he distinguished himself on the field, and as a student in political science. Canadian of Palestinian...
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  • Misiboye Jeanneau-Mobiala

    Misiboye Jeanneau-Mobiala

    Misiboye is a Canadian of Congolese origin from Montreal, raised on the Plateau Mont-Royal. He played high school basketball at Collège Jeanne Mance and with the Sun Youth team before...
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  • Nervens Demosthene

    Nervens Demosthenes

    Nervens was born in Montreal and grew up in Terrebonne. He played in CEGEP at Collège Montmorency, where current Toundra coach Igor Rwigema coached him. He earned his degree in...
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  • Rudolphe “Rudy” Joly

    Rudolph “Rudy” Joly

    Born in Haiti, Rudy is a basketball veteran who has long called Quebec home. In 2010, he played for the Brébeuf high school team, and continued at Alma Academy, where...
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  • Matthieu Rode

    Matthew Rode

    Matthieu is a French-Canadian, born in Montreal and raised in France. He played in the French national championships as a teenager. After getting injured, he studied software engineering (while continuing...
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  • Graddy Kanku

    Graddy Kanku

    Graddy hails from Montreal and feels at home wherever basketball is played. After playing high school basketball in Lachine and Ottawa, Graddy played for the CTA Academy Prep School in...
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  • Kyliann Rotardier

    Kyliann Rotardier

    Originally from Paris, Kyliann distinguished himself on the grounds of France from the age of 8. His talent led him to join the famous Thetford mines academy, and from there...
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  • Narcisse Kalamba

    Narcissus Kalamba

    Narcisse was born in Toronto and moved to Montreal, where he was raised in NDG. At 16, he was invited to join the famous basketball academy in Alma, Quebec, and...
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  • Kevin Loiselle

    Kevin Loiselle

    Born in Montreal, Kevin grew up in Ville LaSalle. He played Triple AAA basketball with Dawson College before playing NAIA Division 1 basketball in Maine at Fort Kent University. He...
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