Impressive Launch for Montreal Toundra in the BSL, with Home Victory at Centre Pierre-Charbonneau

Montreal, January 8, 2024 – The Montreal Toundra made a spectacular start to their first season in the Basketball Super League (BSL) with an inaugural weekend at the Centre Pierre-Charbonneau, their home court, promising a historic season opener in the league. This weekend was marked by exceptional support from the Toundra fans, whose enthusiasm and energy resonated throughout the arena.

Match 1: MTL 111 – Sudbury 114

The first home game offered a thrilling spectacle, with Sudbury 5 narrowly defeating the Montreal Toundra, with a score of 114 to 111.

The Toundra’s starting lineup, consisting of Brandon Beloti (4), Philip Flory (6), Dewrell Tisdale (7), Tafari Beckford (10), and Diago Quinn (12), demonstrated remarkable synergy and talent. Despite the loss, the team remained positive, motivated by the electric atmosphere of the Pierre-Charbonneau Center.

Match 2: MTL 126 – Sudbury 121

In the second match, which went into double overtime, the Montreal Toundra impressively bounced back, securing a victory of 126 to 121 against Sudbury 5.

Antonio Davis (2) sealed the victory with a crucial free throw, marking Montreal’s first win of the season. Tafari Beckford was named ‘Player of the Match’ by the BSL, with Antoine Mason (14) leading the scorers with 28 points, and Levi Londole (13) contributing 20 points.

Next Match at the Pierre-Charbonneau Center: Montreal Toundra vs. London Lightning

The Montreal Toundra is now preparing for their third match, scheduled for Sunday, January 14, 2024, at 2:00 PM EST, again at home at the Pierre-Charbonneau Center against the London Lightning.

The team, charged up, is eagerly looking forward to continuing their winning streak and invites fans to come share their passion and support for this upcoming game.