Thrilling Finish: Rogues Edge Out Toundra in a Nail-biter

Montréal, February 12th, 2024

Toundra 95 vs Rogues 97 

On Friday evening at Centre Pierre-Charbonneau, the Montreal Toundra hosted the Newfoundland Rogues. In the first quarter, Montreal’s offense was sluggish and conceded several turnovers, giving the Rogues a quick nine-point lead. Both sides were aggressive in the early stages of the game, with frequent free-throw attempts. After the first twelve minutes, Toundra trailed by twelve points. 

To start the second quarter, the two sides exchange shots to reduce the gap to less than ten points. Toundra’s aggressive play and numerous loose balls allowed the Rogues to take control of the game. The first half was all Newfoundland. Montreal didn’t make a single three-pointer and were outplayed by the opposing team’s rebounders.

Returning after half-time, the Rogues continued to build momentum, building up a twenty-point lead over Montreal. The Toundra players turn things around, thanks in particular to eleven points from Mambi Diawara and nine from Antoine Mason in the 3rd quarter alone. The Newfoundland Rogues’ lead was just five points to start the fourth quarter.

As the fourth quarter started, the Rogues had no desire for Montreal comeback. They racked up a barrage of shots to regain a twelve-point lead. The Toundra would not be deterred, however, scoring thirteen unanswered points to take an 87-85 lead. It was the first time since the very start of the game that the Toundra had been in the lead. Montreal and Newfoundland were neck and neck for the rest of the game. Philip Flory fired a three-pointer with nine seconds left to tie the game. Omega Harris threw cold water on Centre Pierre-Charbonneau with a last second basket following a turnover, and the Newfoundland Rogues won 97-95 over the Montreal Toundra.  Antoine Mason, Corey Boyd and Mambi Diawara finished with 21, 22 and 19 points respectively, but the slow first half ended up costing the Toundra a win.

The Toundra will play their next game against the KW Titans on February 15 in Kitchener.